Our work

The Foundation’s focus is on thought leadership that can lead to practical improvements for citizens, not simply on aspiration or idealism. For that reason, it’s thinking engages doers: organisational and political leaders who strive to work with what’s best and what work to improve social outcomes.

Collaborate Foundation is embarking on two major themes of work: a new research survey on The State of Collaboration and further development of the ideas presented in Collaborate CIC’s Collaborative Citizen.

The State of Collaboration

We hope that The State of Collaboration will become a regular survey of how well partners are working together and across sectoral boundaries to focus on citizens’ well being.

A lot of political rhetoric is paid to the notion of collaboration, but what is the real extent of joined-up working? Where is best practice occurring? What can we learn from each other?

Employing the framework for effective collaboration, developed by Collaborate CIC, the Foundation intends to construct a survey of existing practices across the UK to determine the level to which cross-sector collaborations are actually sharing responsibilities for delivery and alignment and accountability for outcomes.

Our hope is that by identifying where and how successful public service collaboration is being achieved, we can encourage and support others in tackling the challenges and making progress in their own communities.

The Collaborative Citizen

A key challenge everywhere, of course, is engaging citizens as co-producers.

Citizens are the greatest untapped asset in the production of community well-being. Yet, agencies that deliver public services rarely engage citizens – strategically, operationally or financially – as contributors to social outcomes for which the agencies are held accountable and which the citizens actually enjoy. Too often, citizens are treated as merely objects of policy and recipients of services, rather than as active participants in the changes that will directly affects their lives.

Providers of services to the public must work to develop the contribution of citizens with whom they can collaborate – by educating, supporting and including them in more informed discourse and in co-production of outcome improvement.

Collaborate Foundation hopes to work with service providers, political leaders and citizens to explore new ways to help make that happen.

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